Our Company is specialized in manufacturing spraying system for

field plot chemical experiment and all agrochemical research.

We offer a wide range of sprayer for these activities.

We also build on specific requests according to your own subjections.

Euro Pulvé and Tecnoma companies merge their professionnal spraying skills in order to study all your different needs.

Based in Alsace, close to the German and Swiss borders, we have many reference customers all over Europe and beyond.

For all your plot field experiments : all types of cereals and crops, specialized crops, vegetables, flowers, vineyards and orchards.

For all your experiments in green houses and laboratories : chamber and table spraying, stand up sprayer for formulating and mixing test.

A wide range of accessories and application components : spray guns, triggerjet, nozzles, strainers, manometers, sprayer monitoring and control systems, sprayer calibration systems, water and oil sensitive paper.

Our services in control and diagnostic sprayer calibration, boom and nozzle calibration.