High pressure sprayer system


  • Two stage regulator with safety valve protects the sprayer from over-pressurisation ; Pressure tap with vent.
  • Switching off automatically releases pressure from the spray tank.
  • Safety valve on sprayer head and on stainless steel tanks from 7 to 13 liters.

Pulvérisateurs Systèmes Haute pression

Work Quality

  • A precise dose per plot or repetition.
  • 6mm internal diameter of fiber glass tubing and nozzle bodies maintains flow. Lacks of restrictions allows an immediate pressurization along the whole length of the boom, up to 12 nozzles with a regular pressure.
  • Distribution from the end boom till 12 nozzles.
  • Alimentation en bout de rampe jusqu’à 12 buses.
  • Two stage regulator for a precise and a regular pressure.
  • Wide range of nozzles : flat, anti-drift, double flat conical, Teejet brand or another nozzle on request.


Confort of use

  • Comfortable backpack with shoulder straps and padded belts.
  • Lightweight device.
  • Simple and fast dismantling without tools.
  • Delivered in a wooden box for transport and storage.



  • A wide range of propellant gas at different European standards (air-nitrogen-C02)
  • Nine différent chemical tank capacity: 0.350-0.650-1.250-2.800-4.000-5.500-6.250- 7 and 13 Liters
  • Wide range of boom : front, one-way side, elevated, etc …
  • Wide range of spacing between noozles (25-33-50 cm or on request)

Electric sprayer system


  • A compact and robust compressor combined with an air reserve of 3 liters compressed to 9 bars.
  • Safety valve activated at 10 bars.
  • The device is not under pressure during transport and your displacements.
  • Automatic shutdown and activation of the compressor.
  • A control box inserted into the belt of the carrying frame.
  • A 12Ah lithium battery for autonomy and weight content.

Pulvérisateur système électrique 

Pulvérisateur système électrique

Work quality

  • All the advantages of the high pressure system without the constraint of the bottle load.
  • Perfect pressure control from 0 to 5 bar, even with 12 nozzles.
  • A minimum dead volume due to the 6 mm composite pipe and the specific nozzles holder.
  • A flexibility of use due to the recharging of the batteries on a 220V plug

Confort of use

  • Clear comfort with shoulder straps and padded belts.
  • Lightweight device.
  • Simple and fast dismantling without tools.
  • Delivered in a wooden box for transport and storage, as well as a foldable table for the preparation of applications.


  • Nine different chemical tank capacity (0.350-0.650-1.250-2.800-4.000-5.500-6.250-7 and 13 Liters).
  • Wide range of booms : front, one way side, elevated, etc…
  • Wide range of spacing between nozzles (25-33-50 cm or on request).
  • The compressor kit can be connected of any type of boom, even those of the competition.

Bicycle sprayer system

The wheelbarrow sprayer system is primarily intended for stationary applications for transport convenience issues, although these elements can be quickly dismantled (boom, boom mast) and allow loading in a small van.

Its ergonomics is perfectly balanced. It deviates in remote or frontal boom up to 6 meters. Adjustable height, boom possessing a transport position, a line of tanks is available, possibility of multi-tank.

  • Available in electric compressor system and high pressure system.
  • Available in self-propelled version.

All options are easily accessible :speedometer, flowmeter and rinsing system loaded on ramp.

brouette propulsée électrique