Our chemical range tanks :

  • Aluminim varnish version for head spraying system : 0.275-0.650-1.250-2.800-4.000-5.500 and 6.250 litres.
  • Stainless version to carry on a back side : 7 and 13 litres.
  • Stainless version for the wienyards and orchards machines : 40 – 60 and 80 litres.

Removable support for sprayer head


Console with digital readout, autonomous internal battery, flowmeter, console support, cable for download to PC (with software application to Excel format), instantaneous flow reading during work, recording the volume sprayed on the plot, spraying time, plot number validation with automatic acrement, screen display of the recorded data with call of the plots.

Rinsing system loaded on ramp (frontal/déport)

Multi tank support on frame (front/one way side)

Speedometer for wheelbarrow sprayer system

Type of nozzles

  • Low pressure nozzles Teejet XR
  • Anti-drift nozzles Teejet AIXR
  • Conejet nozzles TXA
  • Nozal nozzles AFX – ALX – ADX
  • Albuz nozzles ADI – AXI
  • Lechler nozzles IDK

Other brands and models on request !

Hydrosensitive paper

It allows to check the quality of application by visualizing the number of droplets per cm² and their size.

papier hydrosensible