Calibration patternators

Calibration control system for boom and nozzles (norme EU and AFNOR).

Essential equipment to control the calibration of your filed plot

sprayer experiment.

A big step to the GLP.

  • Evaluate the nozzle quality.
  • Evaluate the spray distribution quality following pressure, type and angle nozzles, spacing nozzle.
  • banc de contrôle de pulvérisation
  • Confortable used.
  • Determinate the best height boom.
  • In option: full automatic test-tube measurement with PC. Specific software to determinate the nozzle flow rate and the CV distribution with curve.
  • Control the complet sprayer in is full field using.
  • Pressure measurement at differents sprayer’s points.
  • Control the nozzle quality flow rate.
  • Easy to use, able to control all types of sprayers.
  • Automatic emptying test-tube.